About Us

Colonial Community Services Limited has homes located throughout the Halifax Regional Municipality and we have become an integral part of the larger community. We provide several options when families are faced with the uncertainty of what they can do when they have a family member who is no longer capable of maintaining themselves and living independently without supervision and support. We provide residential care facilities and small option homes.

It is the desire of Colonial Community Services Limited to provide shelter, care and relevant support services for the physical, social, emotional and spiritual well being of each of our clients. The unique personality of each resident is given full respect and each person is provided opportunity to grow and develop within their own potential. We also involve family and friends in support programs to help clients realize their capabilities. Involvement in the services in the larger community, appropriate to each individual, is encouraged.

We are supported by the Department of Community Services and each prospective resident is usually referred by a social worker. Information including demographic data and current medical records are required for admission.

Colonial Community Services Limited aims to be a continuing support to all individuals we serve.

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